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Grant Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Apply for and attend/be attending the workshop programme
  • Be located in the
    Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP area
  • Have an interest in
    joining the supply chains of larger organisations
  • Have a plan of how this
    grant will increase your chances to tender for large firms
  • Be a formally registered business (VAT, PAYE or UTR number or Companies House registration)
  • Ideally have a trading history of one year or more
  • Have received less than 200,000 Euros de minimis state aid in the last three years before the application
  • The company must NOT  be “in difficulty” as defined in
    point 2.1. of the Community Guidelines and State Aid for Rescuing and Restructuring Firms in Difficulty (2204/C22/02) at the date of application to
    the grant.
  •  Have an annual turnover of no more than 50 million Euros and/or annual balance sheet no more than 43 million Euros
  • Be able to contribute a minimum of £2,500 to match fund the grant 
  • If the SME does not submit the claim evidence and all the documentation, there would be a risk for the grant application being withdrawn.


Eligible Activities 

  • Marketing and branding, e.g. developing websites and marketing material
    • Marketing Testimonials/case studies
    • Digital marketing campaigns
    • Website development
    • Brand support (including improving branding etc)
    • Market positioning
  • Supporting the cost of additional specialised consultancy support
  • Acquiring accreditations (but not funding to meet regulatory requirements)
  • Bid Writing; training in bid writing/support in bid writing
  • Training in bid writing
  • Leadership training
  • Confidence building
  • Support with procurement platforms
  • Effective product positioning
  • Process/product innovation
  • Value proposition in their business support ecosystem
  • Support to strategically situate a business in a tendering environment
  • Process & procedure reviews
  • Business Continuity Plan to support tendering activities
  • Developing business growth plan (Improve resource planning, upscaling production etc)
  • Improve/increase production line
  • Customer care
  • Improving monitoring of progress/ status of business
  • Developing strategic decision making
  • Improving account management
  • Developing/enhancing business efficiency